Keep Your Resume Fresh with a Career Journal

Posted on Mar. 27th 2014
Collin LaLonde, President of Talent Driven Executive Search

Collin LaLonde, President of Talent Driven Executive Search

by: Collin LaLonde, President of Talent Driven Executive Search

When I call candidates concerning a great job opportunity and ask whether they have an updated resume, the typical responses I get are, “I need a week to update my resume,” or “I have not updated my resume in five years.”

I realized if everyone kept track of work accomplishments on a weekly basis, they always would be prepared for the next job opportunity. I teach candidates how to accomplish this using the”Career Journal” method. The first step is to set up a recurring alarm in your calendar every Friday, reminding you to write what happened that week in your career journal – no matter how big or small your accomplishments were.

 Some examples:
  • You developed a new skill that helped you in your job
  • You completed a project that week on your time and within budget
  • You received an email from your boss complimenting you on your project well done
  • You increased revenue for the company (always write down the figures and percentages)
  • Remember: always upload work documents, presentations and emails to a cloud service there are many out there or google docs

The second step is to set up a recurring alarm once a month to update your resume after reviewing the past four weeks in your journal. This will make it much easier for you to update on a regular basis. If you do this consistently for the rest of your career, you always will be prepared and also will increase your confidence. Most importantly, you never will forget any of your work accomplishments! The third step, at the end of the year you will have 12 months of work to update your resume with. This method will help you get your resume first in line for a possible job opportunity over those who procrastinate regularly updating their resumes.

Collin LaLonde, President of Talent Driven Executive Search Biography
Collin is president of the successful search firm, Talent Driven Executive Search. He has been with the company since 1994, right around the birth of the digital era. He specializes in placing 360-integrated talent in the advertising and marketing space, and his client’s range from major advertising agencies to cutting-edge interactive boutiques around the country and Europe.

He is a recruiter/headhunter, subject expert in the advertising and marketing industry. He conducts seminars and personal career development training educating job seekers on utilizing the power of the digital world. He is well known for placing top-level talent across multiple channels of advertising, and has a passion for the digital arena. Collin is constantly looking forward to what’s next in this ever-changing landscape.

Collin has a blog called, where he enjoys giving advice and talking about what is happening in the advertising and marketing world. He also writes a column in the Detroit Free Press.

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