August 2016 Newsletter

Posted on Nov. 7th 2016

August 2016



Wow, where has the summer gone?! Hard to believe that we’re already into August and the last few days of summer are upon us.  With how time is flying by, we’ve been remiss in sending out a few updates.

Past Events

May – we held a knowledge event based on Compelling Creative in a Digital World.  What a great event this turned out to be!  A large part of this success, was due to our Moderator (Robert Guay: Digitas) and our Panelists (Rick Dennis: Facebook, Amy McNeil: FCA, Ken Stock: OTTO Detroit, Bob Limback: Carat).  Thank you all for your participation!

June – 313 Digital and DAA partnered up, for the annual 313/DAA Golf Outing.  The event sold out in a few hours and was once again, a huge success!  Thank you to the DAA team (Joe Kyriakoza, Bob Guerrini, Ed Coosaia) that helped to make this successful!

July – we hosted a community outreach day, at Crossroads Soup Kitchen in Detroit.  Over the course of the day, some amazing volunteers came together to prepare and serve 559 meals.  It was truly a heartwarming moment and one that we hope to do again!

Upcoming Events

Membership Drives

August – Carat; sponsored by TripleLift

September – GTB; sponsored by DataXu

September – Universal McCann; sponsored by Opera Mediaworks

September – BootCamp

September – Knowledge Event

October – JD Power Event

November – Anniversary Party

Now, time to get down to business!  Over the last few months, we’ve had quite a few changes to our 313 Board and have many new faces heading up a great organization.  Please join me in welcoming and congratulating our new Officers, Board of Directors/Managers and Committee Leads.  Also, we have some spots open on our committees and would love to add anyone that is interested.  If you are interested please contact us, via our website,


President – Annaliese Peterson (GTB)

Vice President – Nick Coccia (Yahoo!)

Secretary – Abbey Danczak (TripleLift)

Treasurer – Lauren Brandt (Facebook)

 Board of Directors/Managers

BootCamp – Cathy Curry (AT&T Networks)

Events – Julie Galea (Hulu) & Mike Riley (Nativo)

Marketing & Creative – Jessica Roach (Mopar/FCA)

Membership & College Outreach – Greg Myrick (Waze)

Sponsorships – Stephanie Glied (GTB)

 Committee Leads

Community Outreach – Mark Lacombe (Amazon)

Communications – Mike Orlando (RocketFuel)

Social Media – Chioke McRae (ROOT 4)

Administrative Coordinator

LeTeria Beck (GTB)

Whew, we had more updates than I thought!  In closing, I would like to say thank you to Marcie Perez and JK (Jason Koenigsknecht) for all of the time an effort they gave, as President and Vice President.  Thank you both for all that you did for this organization and I hope you know how much I enjoyed working with you!


Raiven KorkisRaiven

Title: Connections Planner

No. of Years in Advertising/Marketing: 2

Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration (Marketing Major), Wayne State University

LinkedIn Profile

After graduating Wayne State with my marketing degree, I was fortunate enough to start an internship at GTB. After a 10 week internship, I was offered an opportunity at GTB working as an Assistant Media Planner under the Connections team. Since then, I have been promoted to Connections Planner and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds in my career! 

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313Digital Membership Outreach

Thursday, August 25

Carat (Sponsored by TripleLift)

Check out our events calendar for more info!


Planning for the Fall Bootcamp is underway with the first session slated to begin after Labor Day.  The Bootcamp is both an educational and social program designed for agency employees who are new to the business.  Over the course of six sessions, we’ll cover topics including media basics, audience targeting, mobile, social, search and more.   It’s an opportunity for those new to learn about digital media and create friendships with others in the industry.  If you’re interested, and can commit to six Tuesday evening meetings this Fall, please contact Lynn Pellerito ( or Cathy Curry (



On Sunday July 31st, 313 Digital volunteers prepared and served 559 meals at Crossroads Soup Kitchen in Detroit.  The superstar volunteers who gave up their summer Sunday morning included Michael May who brought along his fantastic kids AND his sister and her children who were visiting from the Philadelphia area! Amy Stubblefield brought her dad Ken! Jennifer Harrison was an unstoppable preparation machine with such a calmness that it was contagious.  Greg Myrick was a performance expert between preparing the hot dogs to literally making hundreds of condiment packages for our guests. Mike Hughes was storytelling throughout the morning.  Trevor Craig did any and everything asked of him with total commitment.  And there were others who selflessly gave of themselves.  The morning team was wonderful.

Our afternoon volunteer serving team was phenomenal!  Although a small group, they were so efficient that at times we had to have them stop and take a break because they had prepared so many lunches.  Sarah North was everywhere in the kitchen and was out in the dining room area making our guests feel like they were at home. Shelia Jackson is so fantastic and caring, we’d need a whole newsletter just on that topic. Kail Sampson did so many things so well and so quietly, we had to step back and take notice. Mike Yaekle made coffee with cream or coffee black for anyone who needed a cup, made sure the water table out front was fine, and wouldn’t leave Crossroads until everything was cleaned up in the kitchen.  If you ever need a cup of lemonade, see Tom Berry, he is a master at serving lemonade with a smile.  Barry Walton and his wife Stefania Bencivenga were simply outstanding!  They were in multiple areas across the serving assembly line and would do any task requested so our guests had the best meal possible.

We have so much admiration for our 313 Digital Crossroads volunteers!

If you’re interested in learning more and signing up to volunteer, just email Mark Lacombe at:  Or you can call Mark at 313-670-7413.


Many of us go back to our alma maters to speak of our experiences in Detroit, the digital industry and more. If you plan to visit a College Ad Club, Association, or Class this Fall, the 313 Digital College Outreach team has literature for you!  Help us spread the word to the next generation of Detroit marketers about the 313 Digital mission, while educating them about our community, events and networking opportunities.

Please reach out to Greg Myrick at Google/Waze ( or Jessica Roach at Chrysler ( for more details.


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