2019 Media Award Nominations


  • Media Master Mind

    This award nomination goes to a media planner that has rocked an out of the ordinary/first ever media partnership with flawless execution.
  • Rock Star Rookie

    This award nomination goes to someone who has 2 years or less work experience but isn’t showing it! That rookie you know will be your boss one day.
  • Office Idol

    This award should go to the most distinguished and well respected mentor in the office.
  • Creative Contortionist

    This nomination goes to a creative team member that has bent over backwards to meet unrealistic client request or dedicated countless hours to perfect a creative campaign.
  • Interactive Explorer

    This nomination goes to a programmer/developer that has shown extreme skill and break through thinking for web site development.
  • Sales Superhero

    This nomination goes to a sales representative that is a true client partner and is reliable as a go to for marketing support.
  • Analytics Agent for Change

    This nomination goes to someone who truly understands the objectives of each campaign and challenges the thinking to push for appropriate measures of success.
  • Big Thinker

    This nomination goes to a forward thinking strategist who leaves no stone unturned.
  • Drew Marcum Award

    (Formerly the Karma Champion Award) Nomination to a person who gives more to others/work without a complaining or expecting anything in return.
  • Keeper Client

    This nomination goes to a client that is a true team player with agency teams giving equal blood sweat and tears throughout tough times. The client you definitely want to “keep”.
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